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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nothing to Report :(

Hello everyone I want to aplogize to everyone today, as I have really nothing for you all. I’m not feeling to well today and I didnt mange to get any more LP’s done. So I really have nothing to show you :( I know this hasnt happend in a while and hopefully this wont again if ever. So there is nothing for this weeks Thrusday posting, there is still time to vote on the poll today (and possibly into tommorow somewhat) so please do so! We want to hear your opinon on the matter! I can’t pormiss a sunday posting ethier, but I can promise a normal Tuesday update of course so you dont want to miss that. I dont have quite as much going on this weekend as I had last so i’m cofident I can get plenty of LP time in this weekend. So untill next time everyone again my aplogies! Take care.

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