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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Still kicking....MM9 fans dont fret.....

Hello everyone, Quickshot14 is still here and I figure i'd give everyone an update, esppicaly you might and magic fans out there. First a blog post a real vblog post will be coming soon! I know i've said that before but it will be here by no latter then next tuesday and it will be all might and magic IX i know this for sure cause one I have some mm9 footage still siting and I want to play it some more so dont fret you havnt missed anything. As to whats keeping me busy besides RL and still having limted net access so that still means no WoW for now. The good news is i'm modding again and on my Empire at War: Forces of Couruption Mod! I'm going to try to get some footage of that to show you all sometime soon as well.

Also not really blog related but youtube related is my new Lets Play! of Company Of Heros: Gold Edition. Since i was having problems capturing TFTD with my new video card i've had to move on for now and I decied on that, theres already a ton of parts out so you can check it out on my youtube page. Back to the blog and modding scene i'm doing or should I say redoing a mod I started before I came to live in nebreska. I've had to start over from scratch but its acutally helped. The mod is going at its own pace but its moving nicely, theres already 200 planets in the game now and i'm still sorting them out, i've just started adding some new space maps for thoese planets, i've added many new units and heros but what excites me is a mini-freeform campaign i'm working on as well. I'll try to have a little vblog of it for you all whenever I get the chance.

Again I want to thank everyone for there patiance, my WoW fans I still have a lot of lvl 71 video content siting on my hard drive just waiting, but I have no idea when i'll be able to get back to playing WoW again, again RL, its working out but slowly. I'm hoping if things go well maybe by the summer I can get back to vbloging/bloging WoW again in depth, otherwise i'll see what I can do. In the mean time you might and magic fans have been overly patince and i appracite it, I want to play might and magic ix here anyways and take a bit of a break from modding so expect it like I said no latter then next tuesday when ever I can get the time/access to upload it, possibly wensday but keep checking back. Anywayz all for now, remeber comment, subscribe and more, and thanks for everyone for there support and prayers! Take care.

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