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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Might & Magic as Promissed!

(Part 1)
Greets again everyone, as promissed and overly due we may add ;) My might & magic IX blog post is up. As you can see here, i've progressed a bit further as i'm working on some side quests and other optional promotion quests. Also now with my new found power of a fully promoted party you will see just how potent it can be. Main thing covered in this blog post is some of the Wizard Lab as well as Volmzhiers Tower and a brief gimplse at the Temple of Honk.

(Part 2)

I want to again thank everyone for there patience in wiaitng for these posts I know they have been quite a while coming, and I do aplogize. I will try my best to have more for you all and hopefully some day soon I can also return to WoW for some more of thoese blogs. As for next time, expect a modding blog post, i'll try to show you all what i've been up to in the modding area of things. And then hopefully more Might and Magic IX to follow as well. So please stayed tuned! Remeber to comment and leave your feedback and subscribe!
(Part 3)

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