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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time Flies....

Wow time flies when your having fun lol or not ;P Well all it seems my WoW blog is going to be on hold for a while as I said before I have limted net connection atm and my account is frozen untill that changes. So my aplogies to all you WoW fans hopefully I can get back to levling and geting more vids for you soon. As for MM9 fans dont fret I still have vids on the horzion for you all and maybe i'll start bloging another game we shall see. RL has been hetic and as I always said i'll keep it out of this blog but I thought everyone who follows would be happy to know that my fianace is no longer my fiance, but my wife! Yes we got married wooot so at least theres good news. Stayed tuned everyone i'll have something up asap. Thanks for all your support and encorugement esppicaly over on youtube! I Appricate it.

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